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Our approach is different. We are independent so there are no conflicts of interest. We are a team of experts and our entire focus is on trust administration and fiscal family services.

  • How are we different from a bank trust department?
    Often, bank trust departments focus on converting your assets into marketable securities and other high-margin products that generate revenue for them. In short, they are interested in liquidating your assets. Furthermore, banks seldom staff the right expertise to properly oversee complex trusts and can often require a lot of hand-holding to get it right.
  • Why is it important that we are regulated?
    It simply means that we are held to a much higher standard. Being regulated means that you have the assurances that your trust is being handled properly, with no conflicts of interest.
  • Why don’t we provide investment services?
    Providing investment management services presents a conflict of interest. We have no investment products to sell you. Instead, we focus exclusively on ensuring that your legacy is honored and that your assets are treated with care and respect so they can last for generations.
  • Why does it matter that we are truly independent?
    Most trust services are an “add-on” to an existing business. A bank is a perfect example of this. Because of this, trust administration is rarely the core competency of an organization. For us, it is. We are independent because our clients require specialists.
  • Why are we committed to longevity?
    Because we’re committed to honoring your legacy. Our clients need the assurance that a committed company will be handling the trust for generations, and will ensure that the trust is handled with integrity and care. We were founded by a family based upon their own long-term need for a regulated trust company to oversee unique trust assets. The family recognized that other similar families would also benefit from these services.
  • Why shouldn’t I use a friend or family as a trustee, it’s free after all?"
    For the vast majority of trusts, having a close friend or family member as the trustee is probably just fine. But for large trusts with an array of complex assets, they are typically not up to the task. Furthermore, continuity becomes an issue.
  • How does Bridger Trust Company charge fees?
    Our fees are very competitive. Fees are generally based upon the type of trust, nature of the assets, administration requirements, and value of the trust assets.


Our only agenda is attending to yours

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